HyperSpector Project


HyperSpector is a virtual distributed monitoring environment, which isolates IDSes from servers in a distributed system using virtual machines (VM) and a virtual network. An IDS is located in a VM called a IDS VM and a server is located in a VM called a server VM. IDS VMs are connected only by a virtual network. To monitor server VMs from isolated IDS VMs, HyperSpector provides three inter-VM monitoring mechanisms: software port mirroring, inter-VM disk mounting, and inter-VM process mapping.


A Secure Intrusion Detection Architecture using Virtual Distributed Monitoring Environments

Kenichi Kourai and Shigeru Chiba
To appear in IPSJ Transactions on Advanced Computing Systems,
Vol.46, No.SIG ? (ACS 12), 2006.

HyperSpector: Virtual Distributed Monitoring Environments for Secure Intrusion Detection

Kenichi Kourai and Shigeru Chiba
In Proceedings of the 1st ACM/USENIX International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE'05),
pp.197-207, June 2005.

Secure Distributed IDSes Based on Separation of Execution Environments

Kenichi Kourai, Shigeru Chiba, Toshio Hirotsu, and Toshiharu Sugawara
In Proceedings of SWoPP 2004 (2004-OS-97),
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Safe Construction of Intrusion Detection Systems using Virtual Environments

Kenichi Kourai, Toshio Hirotsu, Koji Sato, Osamu Akashi, Kensuke Fukuda, Toshiharu Sugawara, and Shigeru Chiba,
In Proceedings of Internet Technology Workshop,
pp.40-47, November 2003.

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