Compacto Project


Our Compacto operating system based on the Linux operating system provides novel access control pritimives, which can minimize security damages in a case that a server is compromised by a malicious client. A unique feature of Compacto is that it allows to remove access restrictions from a process at runtime without security risks, using a new technique called process cleaning.

With process cleaning, Compacto cleans a process up before removing access restrictions and eliminates injected malicious code for compromising the server. This means that even a compromised server is recovered to be sane. First, programmers save the whole state of a server process when they can guarantee that the server is still sane. Then, Compacto restores that saved state when access restrictions are removed so that the state illegally modified by a cracker is recovered and thereby the server becomes sane.


A kernel patch is now available (Sep. 14, 2001). A supplemental program is available.


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Kenichi Kourai